In a sea of black holes and stars, there’s a sound that comes from within. A certain ‘ring’, one might call it. As it slowly fades in and out, echoing through the depths of space and time, a light shimmers in the dark. Some may believe it is the core of where it all started, some think it is the void talking to them… Some people have been analyzing it, saying it travels continuously. Saying it is on a journey, a trip, to wherever it may shine its glorified light and resonate its core frequencies.

What they do not know, is that this light, is in fact ATRIP. Some major dance music channels cracked open the chasm to this shimmering light. Placing the echoes within reach to mankind. Major sound curators such as have already been able to resonate with its core frequencies and are ready for more of its daunting basses and striking rhythms…

Are you prepared for what is coming?

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